About Laura Smith Dunaief

In early 2003, after a 17-year career in retail and wholesale financial services, I found myself casting about for my next big thing.  Like many others, I couldn’t imagine working in any other industry.  But, my experience was telling me otherwise.  I could read the writing on the wall: this wasn’t a blip – the business was changing forever.

Flash forward in time.  Since then, I have built a successful consulting practice that develops and facilitates custom training on financial and management skills.  Was it easy?  No.  But I love it, and it allows me to stay connected to a business that I love.

During this journey, I also found that I had something to offer those who, like me, felt like fish out of – er – Wall Street.  Over my career, I developed a lot of experience repackaging and reselling my skills for different roles and lines of business.  And, after years as a hiring manager, I had a good handle on what it took to get in the door at a firm.

So, this is my second job, of sorts.  I work with folks who are looking to move back into, out of, or across the Street.   I write resumes; help them prepare for interviews; coach them on expanding their networks and help them research new opportunities.  And this blog is a way for me to share ideas, advice, resources, and job leads with a wider audience of folks who need it.

Laura Smith Dunaief in the News

The Ticker, February 2010 – “Businesswomen Speak on Networking”

Wall Street Letter, March 2009 – “Recruiters to Traders: Check Us”

Laura Smith Dunaief, principal at LASD Resource Development, said traders should have several resumes tailored to the different positions that they are applying for so each resume highlights skills specific to that job. She added that traders out of work should be using a combination of networking, working with recruiters and surfing the Web to get a position.

FWA Connections, May 2009 – “Transition Tuesday Series: Bridging Regular Employment with Consulting”

Traders Magazine, October 2009 – “STANY to Hold Career Seminar”

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