Hiring Alert: Fixed Income Trading-multiple firms

eFinancial Careers reports that hiring in the fixed income trading arena is picking up.  Specific firms mentioned were MF Global, BNY Mellon Asset Management, Newedge, Bluefin Trading, Scotia Capital, and BB&T Capital Markets.

According to the article:

There’s big demand for professionals with significant experience in launching systems design or leading systems implementation. (IT folks are pretty much in need, no matter what.) But mere tech geeks aren’t the right fit for fixed-income broker-dealers. They need deep market knowledge and project management skills, too.

Sales desk, research, business analysis, and trade support people round out the must have list.

I did a quick review of the job sites for each of these.  The only one that didn’t allow an open position search was MF Global; they use OneWire, which requires you create a profile before it will tell you if you match with a position.  As far as the others went, most did not have a lot posted yet, but there were some opportunities worth exploring.  If you’re in Toronto – or willing to relocate – you may have better luck with Scotia.

Click the links I provided to the jobs sites, bookmark them, and keep checking back for postings.

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