Hiring Alert: DebtTrading

Finally, good news for debt traders: positions are beginning to open up at an array of big houses.  According to a May 22 Bloomberg.com article, firms like Nomura and Deutsche Bank are betting that anticipated increases in interest rates will translate to corporate debt profits.

Since these positions are rarely posted, you will need to use your network to vet opportunities.

Getting Your Resume in Front of a Hiring Manager

Suzanne Lucas, better known by her Twitter handle @RealEvilHRLady, aptly articulated a continual problem with job searching in the electronic age in a recent article, “Your Resume is Not the Problem.”

Sitting behind your computer and zapping your resume to dozens of black hole websites has a low likelihood of landing you an interview; you need to get your resume in front of a real person.

Where to start?

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Tweeting Your Way Through a Job Search

It’s harder to get noticed among the virtual resume pile these days.  If you’re looking for new tactics to get yourself in front of recruiters and hiring managers, consider the Twittersphere.

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What’s Your Objective?

Current wisdom is that your resume should not include an objective statement.  And yet, I still see them.

At best, an objective is a waste of space and adds no value.

To obtain a position as a financial analyst with XYZ company.

(No kidding.  You’re applying for the position, so I would hope that getting the job would be your goal.)

At worst, it can sound like you’re looking for a date.

Experienced equity trading assistant seeking a position with a respected  financial services organization.

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Beyond the Political: Interview Skills Learned from the Presidential Debate

At its essence, a Presidential Debate is a job interview.  The most public, high-stakes job interview I know of.  While most of us will never have to go head-to-head with our competitors in an interview (whew!), we can learn a lot about what works and doesn’t in an interview by considering how Mitt Romney and Barack Obama handled the Denver debate.

Here are eight takeaways:

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Keeping Up to Keep Up

It’s a struggle to keep up with what’s going on in your industry. Even when you’re engrossed in it every day, it’s easy to miss the little stuff – who just hired a new head of research, which firm is thinking of expanding into the Midwest, the bank that just signed a deal for a new proprietary software system.

Still, when you’re in the mix, your network makes it a lot easier for you.  “Hey, did you hear Joe is taking an assignment in Asia?”  “You saw that XYZ is selling off its widget-hedging business to LMOP, right?”

Water cooler talk isn’t just gossip. It’s a way to keep current and hear about opportunities.

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It Takes a Village

I was speaking recently with a client whose son landed his first job – in financial services, no less.  Laughing, she observed: “It takes a village to get a job in finance these days.”  Indeed, it does.

Although her son was a recent MBA grad who’d had solid industry internships, there was no queue of people waiting to hire him.  Not a real surprise; it’s a rough market.

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